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Get Inspired, Informed with AFP Member Communications

(June 23, 2008) Membership to AFP provides immediate access to a rich stream of award-winning communications, all designed to keep you updated on the latest techniques and trends and spark that next great idea to advance your nonprofit.

Advancing Philanthropy, eWire, and AFP’s other communications provide original content inspired by, and informed by, AFP members and other expert practitioners and scholars in the field.

These AFP publications are offered at no extra fee and are complemented by updates on important public policy matters and quarterly newsletters that welcome new voices to the sector. AFP’s Public Policy Update, Kaleidoscope diversity newsletter and Te Informa newsletter (in Spanish) are great sources of information on key areas of interest.

As a member you are welcome to share your ideas, from new trends to time-honored techniques, and recommend areas that you would like to hear more about. (You can email the editors with your suggestions and questions at the addresses below.)

Getting the Inside Scoop

AFP publications are highly valued by members. They tell the story of professional fundraising as it unfolds week to week, month to month, highlighting the growth, changes and new ideas that are shaping the philanthropic sector.

Advancing Philanthropy goes in-depth each issue, focusing on a key challenge or trend and exploring how it affects fundraising, how fundraisers are responding and identifying solutions that any member can use. How informative is Advancing Philanthropy? In a readership survey conducted in 2007, 50 percent or more respondents said they do at least one of the following after reading the magazine:

  • Use the articles for discussions at work
  • Forward the information on to colleagues
  • Share their issue with at least one other person
  • Save their entire issue of the magazine

Distributed weekly, AFP eWire offers an inside look into current research, news and trends in fundraising, covering the latest news from the profession as it happens. The newsletter is also a bulletin board for AFP programs, services and happenings. You can search current job listings from AFP’s job bank and browse the AFP bookstore right from the newsletter page.

AFP’s Online Forum

Also included in every membership to AFP is the opportunity to join the AFP Open Forum. Here you can spark an immediate conversation on issues that affect your work and get specific advice from fellow fundraisers. Hear what others are thinking about and chime in when you have a solution or advice to offer. The AFP forum is active with comments every day, and you can choose to get real time messages to your email inbox or receive a full summary of the day’s postings.

Just some of the issues that have been discussed recently on the forums include:

  • Selecting a donor database
  • Benchmarks for planned giving programs
  • Membership card samples
  • Schedule and timing of direct mail campaigns

Make AFP’s member publications and forums a springboard for your career. You’re here to learn and share with one another, so enjoy listening to your colleagues and feel free to speak up!

Contact the editors of AFP’s various member communications at these email addresses:

4300 Wilson Blvd, Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22203 • 703-684-0410 | 800-666-3863 | Fax: 703-684-0540
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