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Canadian Charitable Sector Continues to Grow

(Jan. 8, 2007) As of December 2005, the number of registered charities in Canada, including public and private foundations, numbered 82,243 according to recent data released by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

The sector now includes:

  • 73,391 charitable organizations
  • 4,644 public foundations
  • 4,208 private foundations

The CRA data also broke down organizations via subsector:

  • Religion: 32,859 registrants, or 40.0 percent
  • Welfare: 16,511 registrants, or 20.1 percent
  • Benefits to the community: 13,879 registrants, or 16.9 percent
  • Education: 13,378 registrants, or 16.3 percent
  • Health: 5,616 registrants, or 6.8 percent

In 2005, the CRA received 3,449 new applications for registration as a charity and 527 applications for re-registration. The CRA registered a total of 3,117 organizations, including both new registrations and re-registrations.

The agency revoked 1,412 registered charities: 963 charities because they did not file their annual registered charity information return in a timely fashion, 438 charities at their request and 11 because of violations related to the Income Tax Act and other regulations.

These data can be found in the Fall 2006 CRA Newsletter, which also contains guidance and questions and answers on issues related to donor receipt, enduring property and planned giving.

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