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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising From Ammado

August 18, 2009

Ammado, one of AFP's social media partners, has now introduced new fundraising communities to facilitate not only the sharing of ideas and experiences, but fundraising from friends, relatives and colleagues.

The new “peer to peer” fundraising communities are especially useful for fundraising in the international arena with individuals from different countries who want to donate in their own currencies.

As Terry Farris, ammado’s head of global strategy and long-time AFP member, notes, a typical “P-to-P” fundraiser involves tracking down email addresses, sending out numerous email messages, asking for wire transfers to a personal account and then personally transmitting funds to the charity. In contrast, the new fundraising communities on ammado are set up with beneficiaries taken care of, direct invitations to friends and supporters, donation options in over 30 currencies and real-time reporting.

Beyond the individual peer-to-peer options, nonprofits can use the fundraising communities when looking for sponsorship for challenge events, etc., and companies can launch campaigns with their employees and stakeholders to support local charities in the community. 

There are already some early successes and examples, including a variety of personal races for charity, as well as “Back to School” campaigns by individuals and nonprofits in Asia and Africa. In addition, a global business company is also using ammado to raise US$20,000 to support several sustainable, education-based organizations assisting underprivileged children and families in Cambodia. 

You can learn more about ammado’s peer-to-peer fundraising communities on Terry’s blog, the ammado website and by creating your own fundraising page. To get started, use this link to sign up, and make sure to visit the AFP and AFP Foundation for Philanthropy profiles on ammado.

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