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Counting Down to GivingTuesday

October 7, 2014

GivingTuesday is a new Canadian movement for giving and volunteering taking place each year after Cyber Monday.

While AFP is the lead organizer of National Philanthropy Day® on Nov. 15, we are proud to work with Giving Tuesday as well in helping charities and donors celebrate the all-important “season of giving” that occurs near the end of the year.

We see National Philanthropy Day® as the day to remember and celebrate philanthropy, and Giving Tuesday as the day to express your philanthropy and take action. With Thanksgiving in both the U.S. and Canada as well, the last three months of the year are the perfect time to thank, celebrate, pay it forward and give back.

Following a successful US start in 2012, Canada’s own 2013 GivingTuesday also struck a chord with Canadians. More than 1,300 partners from across Canada, including charities, volunteer organizations, corporations and foundations, joined the Giving Tuesday movement.

CanadaHelps collected the data that told the most compelling story: Charities were the biggest winner from involvement in the giving day. Just some of the highlights from last year were:

  • The number of charitable donations made using CanadaHelps increased by 169% over the same Tuesday of the previous year and the total dollar value of donations increased by 91%.
  • Charities who joined and actively promoted GivingTuesday enjoyed the greatest lift in donations. These charities saw an overall increase of 225% in number of donations received through CanadaHelps and 153% in the dollar value of donations.
  • Over 77% of donations were made by first time donors to CanadaHelps, another indication of the power of GivingTuesday to engage new donors into charitable giving.
  • Responding to a special GivingTuesday offer from the Mobile Giving Foundation Canada, 31 charities ran a text-to-donate campaign. These campaigns showed tremendous results with a 203% increase over the previous year.

Getting involved is easy. You can sign up for free partnership at All you have to do is commit to support the movement. Mass participation from charities, non-profits, companies and individuals is essential to helping to grow the movement.

You can follow the movement on Twitter, @GivingTuesdayCa, by using the #GivingTuesdayCa hashtag. Like GivingTuesday on Facebook, then tell Canada your ideas on how to give back on GivingTuesday!

GivingTuesday is important for us all

Supporting GivingTuesday and National Philanthropy Day®is about helping all charities. This special day is an open invitation to the entire country to both give and volunteer to charities of choice. It also reminds us to celebrate and embrace the feelings of goodwill and satisfaction that come from making a positive difference in our communities.  

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