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Online National Job Posting Program Now Available

August 13, 2014

by Cynthia Quigley

If you are planning to post a position, and you want to access Canadian AFP chapter members and non-members, advertisers can now do "one-stop shopping" by going to this link:

Many chapters in Canada have their own job posting program which provides a dependable income stream. At the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter, the staff is often asked if there is one central place where an executive search firm or an organization can post a position rather than searching on each website to see which Canadian chapter has a job posting program. Since there is no official Canadian website, a solution has been found by setting up a national listing on the AFP Greater Toronto Chapter website.

For each job posting sent to other chapters besides Greater Toronto chapter, $25.00 of the job posting fee is split between the AFP Canada office for delivering the service, with the remainder allocated to the travel stipend pool used to support chapter leader travel to the AFP Leadership Academy, AFP International Conference and the Canadian Leadership Retreat.

For example:

If an advertiser wanted to have a job posting sent to the Greater Toronto chapter members including the Calgary, Winnipeg and Saskatoon chapters, the client would pay the advertised fee charged by each chapter for each posting. The administration of $25.00 which is built into the advertised fee is split between the AFP Greater Toronto chapter and the travel stipend program.

At the end of the day with this service in place, we gain the following benefits:

  • Members gain access to more job possibilities.
  • Advertisers have an easy and convenient way to target their ad to specific communities across Canada in one easy process.
  • Chapters gain additional revenue generation.
  • The AFP Canadian Council is able to generate more revenue for travel stipends to encourage AFP leaders to participate in leadership events.

Cynthia Quigley is available to discuss the program should you have any questions. Contact her at 416-941-9212 or 1-800-796-7373.

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