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Where in The World Is N-P-D?

October 29, 2013

As you may already know, AFP has recently launched a new National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) website—but we’re not stopping there! Along with featuring moving stories of impact, NPD celebrations popping up near you, inspiration on how to get involved, and the official countdown to impact challenge, we’re also following NPD around the world. How, you ask? Via YOU and your Instagram.

AFP’s 30,000+ members are located all around the world, and some even travel near and far for their philanthropic efforts. We’re not just asking you to show us where in the world YOU are—we’re asking you to show us where your NPD love is being spread.

Stop at your nearest monument, city town hall, state sign, stadium, or world wonder (any of our Egypt members stopping by the pyramids?), and show us that you took N-P-D there, and spread the love.  Even better, showcase N-P-D in your everyday life—in a meeting at work, out to dinner with your friends, at the ballpark while rooting for your favorite team or even with your kids and some good old fashioned sideway chalk.

The hope? That it’s bound to spark a conversation and you’ll have no choice but to answer that colleague, nearby diner, coach, family member or tourist and explain what N-P-D stands for and why you’re spreading it around the world. Seize the opportunity to spread the spirit and start a worldwide movement of celebrating NPD—the day dedicated to YOU: awe-inspiring philanthropists.

N-P-D is already spreading around the world—take a look at where it’s been:


‘Tis the season! N-P-D graces McBride Park in Vancouver, Canada, using nature’s elements.


Spreading N-P-D pride at the United States Supreme Court!

Be a part of the movement, get creative, pass it on, and most importantly - don’t forget to use tag #npdlove! Keep an eye on the new official NPD website:, because your expression of N-P-D could be the very picture that’s inspiring others to show us…

Where in the world is NPD?

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