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Chapter Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access (I.D.E.A.) Chair

October 15, 2017

This is a general job description of the duties of the role of the chapter Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access (I.D.E.A.) chair. Chapters are encouraged to customize chapter leader job descriptions for their particular needs.

Function: To implement and monitor the chapter’s diversity and inclusion goals and objectives. To insure that diversity and inclusion is incorporated into all aspects of the chapter’s operations.

The person selected for this position should be deeply committed to the vision of diversity and inclusion as promoted within the chapter.  Each chapter’s determination as to what constitutes diversity for them will be based on unique chapter attributes, including membership demographics, geographic location and size. The ultimate goal should be for the membership to reflect the demographics of the area served by the chapter as well as to represent the broad range of organizations and development shops promoting philanthropy and ethical fundraising.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Chapter President, Board of Directors and membership on a regular basis as to the committee’s objectives and activities.  This report should be delivered at least once per year.

  • Coordinate and plan with the Membership Chair to promote diverse populations in membership.

  • Recruit members for the Diversity & Inclusion Committee.  One person from every chapter committee should sit on the diversity committee.  This insures that diversity and inclusion will be considered in all chapter operations.

  • Make sure that diversity and inclusion is included in the strategic planning of the chapter.  A representative from the Diversity & Inclusion Committee should sit on the Strategic Planning Committee. Create or update a Diversity and Inclusion Plan on an annual basis.

  • Work with the Nominating Committee to make sure the Board of Directors is representative of the community that the chapter serves.

  • Work with the Professional Development or Education Chair to plan a yearly session on diversity and inclusion.  The sample diversity luncheon session is available in the Chapter Diversity Resource Guide.

  • Consider having a diversity track at the chapter’s Fundraising Day or conference.

  • Assess the chapter for its diversity and inclusion efforts.  Determine where the chapter currently is and where it would like to go.  This can include member demographics, educational programming and where chapter meetings are held.

  • Work with the Awards Committee to make sure the nomination proceedings are equitable from the standpoint of a diverse membership.

  • Provide an annual article on diversity and inclusion for the chapter newsletter.  The article could focus on lessons learned from the annual diversity session.

  • Apply for the Charles R. Stephens Excellence in Diversity Award by July 15th of each year.

  • Apply for the Friends of Diversity designation by the end of January each year.

  • Act as a liaison with local affinity groups of fundraisers serving a particular background.  Determine if joint programming can occur between this local group and the AFP chapter.  Refer to the Blueprint for Building a Highly Diverse Chapter as a reference.

  • Encourage involvement of members in promoting diverse populations in the chapter and in their own organizations.

  • Develop programs that respond to the needs of chapter members in promoting diverse populations within their own organizations.


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