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AFP Foundation-Canada Board Nomination Form

January 19, 2016

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Candidate for Consideration by Nominating Committee For AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada for 2016/2017 Board of Directors Position

Mission Statement
The AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals) Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada, exists to advance the charitable objectives of AFP through targeted funding for strategic initiatives all across Canada. The various initiatives undertaken benefit everyone, members and non-members alike, by increasing accessibility to educational programs, funding new and innovative research in our sector and conducting public educational programs to enhance the environment for philanthropy across the country.

Case for Support

TOGETHER WE MAKE IT HAPPEN - Help us, help you, help them

 The driving force behind organized philanthropy is the professional fundraiser. He or she serves as a promoter, advocate, solicitor, enabler and steward of relationships - acting with the highest ethical standards of solicitation, and the technical competency to facilitate the gift and the donor's wishes.

Working in tandem with an organization's leadership and volunteers, the professional fundraiser makes philanthropy happen by bringing together charities and donors - helping them to "do good" for society and fulfill their missions.

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy - Canada is dedicated to helping fundraisers as they serve communities in need. The goal of the Canadian Foundation is to generate the resources needed to fund strategic initiatives that advance ethical and effective fundraising.

We do this through six program areas:

  • Education - sponsorship of affordable, local, practical seminars
  • Scholarships - financial support for those without other resources
  • Mentoring - linking those willing to learn with those willing to share
  • Translation - ensuring high quality educational material in both official languages
  • Research - staying on top of trends and issues facing fundraisers today
  • Diversity and Inculsion - promote diversity and inclusion in the fundraising profession

Minimum expectations for a board member include attendance at a minimum of one of the three face-to-face board meetings (occur at the International Conference in March/April, Canadian Leadership Retreat in July/August, and the Leadership Academy in October) and 75% of all meetings annually. There are usually 5 - 7 teleconference meetings a year on top of the three face-to-face meetings. Actively participate and be willing to chair or co-chair one committee. Secure at least one major gift annually. Make a personal leadership gift to the Canadian Foundation in order to establish meaningful giving levels.

Board Expectations and Responsibilities

Board members shall serve a 2 year term beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30 and are eligible for re-election for up to a maximum of 3 consecutive 2 year terms (therefore a total of 6 years) excluding the Chair-Elect, Chair and Immediate Past-Chair tracks. Board members wishing to stay on past their initial 2 year or 4 year terms do not need to re-nominate.

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