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NPD Conference Call Notes: March 2011

March 2, 2009

NPD Conference Call Notes-March 30 and 31, 2011

National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) Chairs

These minutes combine the key points from the two conference calls of NPD chairs held on March 30 and 31. Please review and direct questions to Michael Nilsen, vice president, public affairs, at

I.         National Philanthropy Day® Overview
II.        Recordkeeping/Deadlines
III.       NPD Resources
IV.       AFP International Headquarters Services
V.        Issues/Discussions
VI.       Reminders

I.          National Philanthropy Day® Overview

National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) was first celebrated by the AFP International Headquarters in 1986, though a few chapters had already held NPD events prior to that year. Depending upon the year, approximately 100 chapters participate in NPD events annually.

The official date for NPD, set by the AFP board of directors, is Nov. 15 every year.

AFP International Headquarters will continue to use the slogan, "Change the World With a Giving Heart" for NPD 2010. The official logo is a heart made from two thumbprints and is available in a variety of formats on the AFP website. While AFP International Headquarters encourages chapters to use this logo and slogan for branding purposes, they are free to use their own images and themes. According to the latest chapter survey, about 80 percent of chapters use the "Change the World With a Giving Heart" theme and logo.                                                                                                                                                      

II.       Recordkeeping/Deadlines

AFP International Headquarters needs information about NPD chapter events as soon as possible so that it can be used in AFP's marketing and media relations efforts. Chapters can email their information to It should include:

  • Chapter Name
  • Venue Location
  • Date and Time of Event
  • Ticket Prices
  • Type of Event (luncheon, dinner, is there a speaker, are awards given away, are educational sessions part of the event, etc.)
  • Approximate Number of Attendees
  • Contact Information (very important!)
  • Any other important information

Many chapters submit their local NPD honorees (either the current year's honorees or those they have honored in the past) to AFP's international awards program. The deadline for submitting nominations is July 15, 2011.

In addition, chapters are encouraged to send copies of their NPD materials (invitations, programs, marketing materials, press releases, sponsorship brochures, proclamations, etc.) to AFP International Headquarters. Electronic copies are preferred so the documents can be shared online (email to However, hard copies are also appreciated.

Please consider adding AFP International Headquarters to your NPD mailing list so we can receive a copy of your materials as they are produced. You can send materials to:

NaTanya Lott, NPD Chapter Materials, AFP International Headquarters, 4300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 300, Arlington, VA  22203. 

III.           Resources

All of the resources that AFP International Headquarters offers to chapters for NPD can be found on the AFP website ( In the top-left corner, click on the "About AFP" button, then "National Philanthropy Day," and finally "National Philanthropy Day-Chapter Information."  The direct link is here.

The following resources for NPD chairs are available:

  • NPD Manual - The manual is updated every year, but much of the material remains the same from year to year. It touches on every aspect of NPD and contains a number of tips and hints from chapters.
  • NPD Chapter Media Guide - This document was created in response to numerous chapter requests for assistance in garnering media attention for their NPD event. Approximately 30 pages, it provides advice on developing stories, writing press releases and other information on working with the media.
  • Logos - In color, and black and white, and in a variety of formats and file types.
  • NPD Fact Sheet/Talking Points - Every year, AFP distributes talking points to help chapters develop opening remarks and speeches for their events. These are distributed in the summer, generally in July.
  • Sample Materials - AFP has posted sample materials from chapters who have sent in their NPD information. We certainly would like to see more, so if you have documents related to sponsorships, marketing, media relations or any other aspect of NPD, please email them to Michael Nilsen, director, public affairs, at
  • Video - In the past, AFP International Headquarters has developed a short video for chapters to use at their events that introduces AFP and its mission and explains National Philanthropy Day®. The video is typically 3 minutes or so and also discusses the importance of giving and volunteering and what AFP does to promote ethical and effective fundraising. AFP IHQ is currently planning a video for NPD 2011. More information will be distributed in the summer 2011.
  • Giving Guides - AFP has created two short Giving Guides (American and Canadian versions) to help guide donors in making their giving decisions. Some chapters have used these documents as part of their NPD celebrations to help donors and to show the types of services AFP can provide to the local community.

IV.        Services

AFP's Public Affairs Department offers several services to chapters regarding NPD.

  • Local Media Lists - AFP is offering chapters the opportunity to get updated lists of media in their local area. Chapters will be able to receive a comprehensive list of media contacts for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other outlets in their local communities.
  • Media Relations - While AFP does not have the human resources capacity to write press releases and other materials for chapters, the Public Affairs Department would be happy to advise chapters on their media work and review certain materials, such as press releases.
  • Liability Insurance - AFP International Headquarters offers liability insurance to chapters for their NPD events. AFP does provide general liability insurance FREE to chapters. They need to log in to the Member Gateway and go to the Chapter Resources Manual of the AFP website. In the section Resources for Board Members, they will see a section titled Leadership & Operations and there will find information and an application for a Certificate of Insurance. The general liability certificate will be issued to the hotel/conference center, etc. where they are holding the NPD event (or any chapter event). Here's the direct link to the information on the insurance:
  • NPD Chairs Contact List - Because of privacy concerns, NPD chairs must email AFP to get a copy of the NPD chairs list. Only NPD chairs will be sentthis list.
  • SharePoint Site-AFP currently uses a SharePoint site for sharing information with chapter leaders. To access the SharePoint site: Website Address: The login and password are your chapter code. If you don't know your chapter code, click here. The easiest way to see what's on the site is to click on "View All Site Content" in the left-hand column. Under "Discussion Boards," click on "Chapter Discussion Board" and ask any questions or start a discussion about NPD. We'll try to use the sharepoint site as much as possible, so feel free to add documents, questions, etc. as they come up.

Contact AFP Public Affairs at for more information on any of these services.

V.     Issues/Discussions

The following is a summary of some of the issues discussed during the conference calls:

  • A question was asked about how chapters find nominees, especially in less populated areas where in some cases the chapter has already honored most of the well-known philanthropists and volunteers. Some chapters are giving away certain awards every other year, while a few are moving to a model where organizations that buy a table can honor a staff member or donor (not a scale equal to an awards honoree but the person does receive mention in the program and during the event). In addition, some chapters are collaborating with other organizations in the community to find appropriate nominees, and in others, boards are moving to pro-actively select honorees rather than go through the nomination process.
  • Several chapters were curious about award nomination dates, how much time they gave for the community to submit nominations and when their nomination deadline was. Some have earlier deadlines, as early as late spring (May), while others occur during the summer. AFP International Headquarters' deadline is July 15, and it will plan on announcing its honorees on Nov. 15, National Philanthropy Day, this year.
  • There were several questions about sponsorships and how much chapters charged for different kinds of sponsorships. There is a section about sponsorships in the NPD Manual, as well as several chapter samples on the NPD Chapter Information section of the AFP website.
  • Another discussion focused on the kinds of speakers that chapters have at their NPD events. Most NPD events don't have keynote speakers, focusing instead on the awards honorees, but some do. If they do have a keynote speaker, they tend to be motivational in nature. AFP has put together a speakers' bureau for chapter conferences that chapters can use to identify speakers.

If you have suggestions, guidance or recommendations on any of these issues, please email Sample chapter materials about sponsors would be very much appreciated!

VI.     Reminders

  • The primary staff contact for NPD is Michael Nilsen, vice, public affairs. His email is
  • The term "National Philanthropy Day®" has been trademarked by AFP. Chapters are strongly urged to use the ® notation when spelling out National Philanthropy Day®. The acronym "NPD" does not require the trademark. To create the trademark symbol in Microsoft WordTM, type in "(r)" - without the quotes - immediately after "Day." Then hit the space bar, and the program should automatically create the trademark symbol.
  • Don't forget to send us your sample materials! Address for AFP International Headquarters: NaTanya Lott, NPD Materials, AFP, 4300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 300, Arlington, VA, 22203.

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