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Following Up After the Event

June 15, 2008

Whew!  It's the day after NPD, and all the work your committee put into this year's celebration was a great success.  Congratulations!

But there are still a few loose ends before you can pack everything away until next year:

1) Sending a congratulatory and thank-you letter to each honoree makes a nice memento.  If your organization videotaped the event or took photos during the event, awardees will certainly appreciate receiving a copy.

2) Send thank you notes to everyone who helped you in any way: committee chairs and members; awards judges; special guests who donated their time; elected officials who issued proclamations for NPD; reporters and/or editors who went out of their way to help publicize the event or NPD – in short, anyone who did their job and then some.

3) Send out a final press release about the event, the winners and any other item of interest that occurred during the event (including number of people participating).

4) Plan to build on the success of each year's event by preparing a manual for the next year's chair.  Include job descriptions, agendas, timetables, letters, PR materials, committee critiques and recommendations, useful contacts, copies of all printed materials, copies of receipts and agreements, and anything else that will facilitate planning and organizing the next event.

5) Pass along your suggestions and comments about NPD to the AFP International Headquarters.  We are interested in hearing how we can make your job easier.  Use the feedback form at the back of this manual.

6) Let AFP International Headquarters know how your event went!  Send photographs and copies of all materials to AFP/NPD Materials (4300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 300, Arlington, VA  22203 or AFP might even use your chapter's ideas and documents as examples in the next NPD manual.

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