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Activities for NPD

June 15, 2008

NPD is a time for celebration, and many special events can be held in conjunction with NPD.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Organize a contest through your school district for the best poster or essay on the meaning of philanthropy. Invite the mayor to announce the winners. Winning posters could be displayed at City Hall or at a local mall during November, in celebration of NPD. During AFP's most recent International Conference on Fundraising, students from local schools were asked to draw pictures representing diversity and giving. The best pieces of artwork were honored during the conference. Chapters could set up a similar contest and announce the winners during their NPD event.


  • Chapters can work with local papers, magazines and business journals to create a special “Philanthropy” or “National Philanthropy Day®” section that focuses on charity and local NPD award winners and honorees. Several chapters have teamed up with local media outlets and have created very successful programs. See page 29 for information about these arrangements.


  • Release results of a study detailing the impact of nonprofit organizations upon the local community. Distribute the form to members of the chapter, as well as other participating organizations. Compile the results and announce the results during your event, inviting key VIPs and local government officials. Contact the AFP Public Affairs Department for more information about an Economic Impact Form.


  • Expand the chapter's local awards program beyond just the traditional awards. Honor outstanding philanthropic achievements by youth and students, or by media outlets (a good way to draw additional media attention). Chapters might also honor outstanding local fundraising campaigns or charity websites.


  • Plan an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding local or state/provincial leaders in philanthropy. Create a special honor or recognition for local or state/provincial government officials, or even Members of Congress or Parliament, for their support of charitable legislation and initiatives. In an election year, government officials may be especially receptive to this idea.


  • Plan a volunteer clean-up day for a local park or downtown area. Invite local VIPs or government officials to assist. Many schools now require students to accumulate a certain number of hours of volunteer service before they graduate. Invite local schools to get involved in the project.


  • Develop a videotape using examples of philanthropy in your state/province or local community. The videotape might feature the work of the event's honorees and might be played as part of their introduction.


  • Hold an educational conference or Fundraising Day in conjunction with NPD. Many groups have done this in the past with highly satisfactory results. Chapters may wish to include a Vendor Expo as part of an expanded event. NPD may become your region’s premiere gathering of fundraising professionals, many of whom will have a keen interest in a range of support services and products. Exhibitor fees also can increase event revenues.


  • Why stop with just a day? A few chapters have experimented with National Philanthropy Week. For example, one year, the AFP Calgary Chapter began festivities with a Nov. 6 ceremony honoring six Generosity of Spirit™ award recipients, recognized for their philanthropic deeds in the Calgary community. On Nov. 12, a Small Business Forum was held on “The Value of Giving—Small Businesses Can Make a Difference,” followed by a NPD Professionals Forum on Nov. 13 for senior-level fundraisers. The celebration culminated with a Nov. 14 luncheon with 1,200 people.


  • The AFP Puerto Rico chapter devised its own very creative way to attract attention and increase awareness about philanthropy. Chapter members created a green ribbon to wear on NPD and helped conduct a media tour that promoted the use of the green ribbons. Also, mimes in the street gave away stickers and ribbons to passersby.

If your chapter has creative or innovative ideas that are not listed here, please email the AFP Public Affairs Department at

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