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Important Reminders

June 15, 2008

AFP’s Public Affairs Department hopes that the National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) Manual is helpful as you begin to develop your program for this year. Much of the material has been gathered from chapters since NPD was created in 1986, and we welcome any comments you may have about this document.

Below are just a few overall reminders about NPD and the types of services AFP International Headquarters can provide to chapters.

1) The official date for National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) is Nov. 15, regardless of what day of the week it falls on. Chapters are encouraged to hold their event as close to that date as possible.

2) The logo for NPD remains the picture of a heart made by combining two thumbprints. While chapters aren’t required to use the logo or the tagline (which is “Change the World with a Giving Heart”), AFP International Headquarters strongly encourage use of the logo and tagline to better strengthen the NPD brand and public awareness. More information, including the new logo in a variety of formats and guidelines for using the logo, can be found on the AFP website by clicking on “NPD and AFP Awards.”

3) AFP International Headquarters will be developing and distributing a short NPD video for chapters to use during their events. The video will briefly address the importance of philanthropy and discuss the history and impact of NPD, as well as touch on the role of AFP and professional fundraisers in philanthropy. The video will be broad and general enough that chapters, regardless of geography or date of their event, will be able to use it. The video will be approximately three (3) minutes long.

4) As part of its outreach efforts, AFP will be distributing information kits about NPD to media outlets across North America. The kit will include data about AFP and NPD, including a list of international and chapter award winners. Interested chapters can order copies of these kits for use in their local media efforts. Contact for more information.

5) For 2009, AFP is offering chapters the opportunity to obtain updated lists of media in their local areas. Through a service AFP uses for its international media efforts, the association will be able to offer most chapters media contacts for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and other outlets in their local communities. This service will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Additional Reminders and Services

--The term “National Philanthropy Day®” has been trademarked by AFP. Chapters are strongly urged to use the ® notation when spelling out National Philanthropy Day®. The acronym “NPD” does not require the trademark. To create the trademark symbol in Microsoft Word™, type in “(r)” – without the quotes – immediately after “Day.” Then hit the space bar, and the program should automatically create the trademark symbol.

--Throughout the year, AFP will be in contact with NPD chairs through email. In the summer, AFP will provide talking points and fact sheets about giving that chapters can incorporate into their NPD presentations.

--Chapters are strongly encouraged to nominate their local award winners for AFP’s international awards program. AFP is updating its awards nomination form, and every member of AFP will receive the nomination form via email. The deadline for nominations is July 15. For more information, including a nomination form, go to the AFP website ( and click on “NPD and AFP Awards.”

--We need your NPD materials. International Headquarters is always in need of samples of what chapters are doing for NPD. Programs, postcards, fliers, press releases, invitations – anything related to your event will be helpful. We’re in the process of developing a collection of NPD samples to provide inspiration and ideas for chapters. Please email International Headquarters a copy of your materials:; or send to NPD Samples, AFP, 4300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 300, Arlington, VA 22203.

--AFP International Headquarters is interested in receiving feedback about NPD, this manual and other tips, opinions and comments that chapters would like to share. Please email to inform AFP International Headquarters of your thoughts on the NPD process, what materials might be helpful and suggestions you have that made your event run more smoothly or become more successful.

Thanks for serving as chair for your chapter’s NPD celebration. AFP staff is ready to assist you should you have any questions, comments or concerns. Please email, and good luck with your event!

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