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Foundation Development Chair

March 31, 2014

New Individual Giving Program Launched March 23 by US Foundation

BTC logoBE the CAUSE Campaign replaces Every Member Campaign

The AFP Foundation for Philanthropy launched the BE the CAUSE Campaign (formerly Every Member) during AFP’s International Conference on Fundraising in San Antonio on March 23, 2014.
The AFP Foundation has created an online Chapter Campaign toolkit with a variety of resources that can be used by chapter foundation development chairs for in-person, email or direct mail cultivation and solicitation activities. Download the Guidebook first to see all of the materials including a short animated video, a PowerPoint presentation, a brochure, solicitation letter templates, an insert, postcard, table tent cards, sample email solicitation copy, and a BE the CAUSE website:

Information and Resources for Foundation Development Chairs

This page offers information about the role of the chapter Foundation Development Chair and resources and forms to help you throughout your 2014 term.

Foundation Development Chair - Job Description

The Foundation Development Chair (FDC) serves as liaison between the chapter and the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy.  The primary role is to educate, cultivate, solicit and steward individual donors for the cooperative foundation/chapter annual campaign as well as promote 100% board participation and increased individual member participation in the campaign.  In addition, the FDC is expected to be an advocate for the Chapter Impact Campaign and to provide the foundation with timely information about chapter projects and people that benefit from those efforts.

  1. Cooperative Foundation/Chapter Annual Appeal Campaign – Individual Fundraising Program
    1. Recruit members to serve on your chapter’s Be the Cause Campaign committee;
    2. Provide appropriate acknowledgment and recognition of donors at the chapter level;
    3. Communicate the value of the  campaign, helping others to understand how it supports the chapter’s education and professional development agenda;
    4. Educate fellow chapter leaders and members about the activities of the AFP Foundation for Philanthropy; and
    5. Coordinate the chapter's 2014 Be the Cause Campaign
      1. Participate in establishing the chapter’s cooperative campaign goal and motivate individual members to increase the chapter’s participation in the campaign;
      2. Encourage chapter board members to support the campaign and achieve 100% board participation;
      3. Report to the chapter president, board of directors and members regularly on the committee’s activities and progress toward annual campaign goals; and
      4. Check donor reports for accuracy and resolve discrepancies with AFP Foundation for Philanthropy staff.

  2. Chapter Impact Campaign – Organizational Fundraising Program (formerly known as the Chapter Treasury Campaign
    1. Present the Chapter Impact Campaign case for support to the chapter leadership and encourage the chapter to make a gift to this campaign.

  3. Tell Us Your Stories – How Is Your Chapter Fulfilling Its Mission
    1. Submit a brief description of the people and/or organizations served by key chapter programs that represent shared, organizational strategic priorities;
      1. Sample programs may include ones that promote diversity and inclusion, serve young professionals or advance ethical and effective fundraising; and
      2. Ensure that at least one person served by this program is highlighted, including photos, captions and a quote.

  4. Make a personally meaningful gift to the Be the Cause campaign.
    1. Consider participating in the Foundation’s monthly giving program (Alpha Society)

  5. Additional duties include, but are not limited to:
    1. Maintaining active interaction with AFP Foundation staff to provide support to the chapter and ensure continuity;
    2. Sharing fundraising approaches and strategies that may serve as models for other chapters;
    3. Contributing relevant messaging to the cooperative campaign’s case for support; and
    4. Turning over to the successor all chapter records and/or property immediately upon completion of term or resignation.

Foundation Staff Contact Information

Kathy Heyman, Donor Relations Coordinator
(800) 666-3863, ext. 470 or (703) 519-8470 (Direct)
Contact Kathy for general campaign information, questions about chapter tally reports and to share stories about your chapter’s programs/accomplishments.

Diane LaVigna, CFRE, Director of Annual Giving
(800) 666-3863, ext. 446 or (703) 519-8446
Contact Diane to discuss goals, campaign implementation or deadline issues, request a meeting with your board or presentation to your chapter.

Suzan Weihofen, Gift Processing Specialist
(800) 666-3863, ext. 448 or (703) 519-8448 (Direct)
Contact Suzan for questions about member or chapter gifts and pledges.

Martha Kirkland, Executive Vice President
(800) 666-3863, ext. 480 or (703) 519-8480
Contact Martha with questions or issues that cannot be resolved by other staff members.

Mailing & Physical Address:
AFP Foundation for Philanthropy
4300 Wilson Blvd., Suite 300
Arlington, VA 22203-4168



Important Foundation-Related Chapter Dates and Deadlines

Apr 9
Foundation Development Chair’s Campaign Toolkit Webinar (4:00 pm Eastern)

Apr 18 
Submit your chapter’s EMC Chapter Partnership Grant Report to the U.S. Foundation. (Only submit if your chapter met the 2012 EMC goal and received a partnership grant in 2013)

Apr 30
Submit 100 Percent Chapter Board Participation Form (U.S. and Canadian Chapters

May 30
Submit your chapter’s 2014 Be the Cause Campaign Implementation Form and Revenue Allocation Form and Chapter Impact Campaign Gift/Pledge Form (U.S. Chapters)

Jun 17
Foundation Development Chair’s Be the Cause Campaign Conference Call (2:00pm Eastern)

Sep 11
Foundation Development Chair’s Be the Cause Campaign Conference Call (2:00pm Eastern)

Nov 13
Foundation Development Chair’s Be the Cause Campaign Conference Call (2:00pm Eastern)

Dec 31
Deadline to reach your chapter’s 2014 Be the Cause Campaign goal


How to Access Your Chapter Tally Reports 

Instructions for Accessing the Chapter Tally Report:

  1. Go to the AFP website or (DO NOT LOG IN YET)
  2. From the home page at the top of the screen, click on "My AFP Profile"
  3. Scroll down to green box with heading: Foundation Development Chair
  4. Click on "Chapter Tally Report"
  5. You need to put in your specific chapter code for user name and password (if you do not know your chapter code, please contact the AFP Foundation)
    Enter username and password (for both, use your specific CHAPTERCODEFDC, all in caps – case sensitive).
  6. "2013" or "2014" will appear in the box (or enter year for which you wish to run the report) and click "Continue". The Chapter Tally Report will load at this point (you may need to give it a few seconds to load).

IMPORTANT: If the report does not appear, please look for a banner at the top or bottom of the screen asking whether or not to allow pop-ups from our website. Please be sure to allow the pop-ups.

We ask you to share this access information with the key people in your Chapter including the Chapter President, Chapter Administrator, and Foundation Development Chair.

Kathy Heyman, Donor Relations Coordinator
(800) 666-3863, ext. 470 or (703) 519-8470 (Direct)

Suzan Weihofen, Gift Processing Specialist
(800) 666-3863, ext. 448 or (703) 519-8448 (Direct)


Forms and Downloads


This content was last updated on February 11, 2014

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