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The 2016 AFP International Fundraising Conference App



It's Here! AFP 2016 - The Free AFP International Fundraising Conference App for the 2016 Boston Conference!

No need to worry about wi-fi connections while you are roaming deep into the nooks and crannies of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center! When ready, just download the free AFP International Fundraising Conference app - AFP 2016 (Sponsored by Abilaˆ) for your iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry, enter your email and set up your profile, and you are set for conference! Have all the sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and more at your fingertips, and create your own personalized conference experience.

Best of all, the free AFP 2016 app will perform optimally whether or not there’s an Internet connection. When connected, the app downloads updates (like a schedule or room change), and also allows the user to set up a profile, connect with fellow attendees, post status updates and pictures to the activity feed and social media, and more! Once downloaded, all of the data is stored locally on the device so it’s accessible even if there’s no Wi-Fi!

Make the AFPeeps proud! Simply search "AFP 2016" or "AFP 2016 Conference" in iTunes and Google Play, or click the image (or link) below to start your free AFP 2016 app experience!

AFP2016appbutton 200p

AFP thanks Abila for being the Official Sponsor of the
2016 International Fundraising Conference App


Tech Support: If you can't get the application running on your smartphone, or have any other questions, email the application developer, DoubleDutch, at

Please note: Certain Android users may not see the AFP header logo appear on their devices, while Blackberry and other HTML5 users may find limitations with the photo upload feature.

ˆ By registering to use the AFP 2016 app, you agree and understand that the app sponsor (Abila) may contact you via email about your conference experience, related products and services, and offers. Use of your personal information is otherwise protected according to the AFP website privacy policy.


About the AFP International Conference App

AFP 2016 is the official interactive mobile app for the AFP 2016 International Fundraising Conference, March 20-22, 2016 in Boston, Ma.! Prepare to rev up  your fundraising game!

The AFP 2016 App Will Enhance Your Conference Experience and Allow You to:

  • View schedules, explore sessions, and find social events
  • Create your own personal profile and schedule, and view location and speaker information
  • Access maps and find local places
  • Check-in to sessions, meetings, keynotes, and exhibitor booths *
  • View an entire feed of the event activity, including attendee check-ins, photos, and more *
  • Play conference games, and earn points and special badges for being active on the app and at conference *
  • Connect with other attendees and expand your professional network *

How to Use the AFP 2016 App:

After downloading, you will be asked to select an email to access the app. You will then receive an automatic email to the address you entered containing a password for your app account. You can keep this password and use it anytime you need to log back into the app. Or you can select a new password if you'd like by clicking the "Reset Password" button on the the login screen of the app.

Please remember this email and passsword, as your login is the key to unlocking all the app's personalized and interactive features, including:

  • Your Profile - First things first - set up your profile! Upload your picture, tell us a little about yourself, activate your social media information, and you are ready to go! You can access and update your profile and settings (such as allowing private messages from others wanting to connect) at any time simply by clicking the "gear" image at top right of your Profile page. This also is where you can see any badges you have earned based on your activities (see Points and Badges, below, for more information).*
  • Live Conference Feed - Keep your finger on the pulse of conference! The Live Activity Feed—your default homepage—is where you can share and follow what others are doing! Click the "compose" (paper/pen) image at top right in this section to post a message or photo, check in at a session, and share your activities on your social media sites. You can also comment on other attendees' posts, "Like" their remarks, and stay engaged throughout the event! *
  • Chat Channels! - What to know where to get the best coffee and meals in Boston? Need an exercise buddy? New and slightly overwhelmed by the whole conference thing? Looking for others from your state or chapter to meet up? Chat away on our special conference channels and ramp up your all-around Boston experience!
  • Who's on AFP 2016 - When attendees access the app, they will appear in this section. See who's joining you on the app experience, and send them a private direct message (if activated on both ends) to connect! *
  • My Direct Messages - Keep tabs on all your private messages with fellow attendees in one place!
  • My Schedule - View the full education and event schedule and information, and quickly set up your personalized calendar simply by adding sessions to your agenda. You can also filter events and sessions by Education Track, Experience Level, and Sector!
  • Speakers & Exhibitors - See speaker pictures and bios, and see what the conference exhibitors have to offer!
  • Handouts - Quickly access all the session PDF handouts at the conference, attached to each session!
  • #afpfc on Twitter & Social Media/AFPeeps - See a comprehensive Twitter feed of all posts using our official conference hashtag (#afpfc), and check out the special social media tutorials and offerings by the AFPeeps (#afpeeps)! *

* Requires Internet connectivity


Games, Contests & Badges (Oh My!)*

Conference is not all work—there's plenty of play to be had in Boston! And the app experience is no different. Each time you access the app and take certain activities, you will earn points, whether it be posting to the live feed, checking into sessions, adding photos to the stream, commenting on other attendees' posts and check-ins, and more!

Every action is worth different points (and these may change on a random basis)—can you figure out what earns you the most points on a particular day? See how many points you've gained and where you stand in comparison to other attendees by clicking the "App Leaderboard" link in the main menu!

You can also earn special badges for your check-ins, posts and picture uploads! Badges are hidden until “unlocked” through completion of a certain action—and the more your do it, the more badges you may collect! To see what badges you have earned, simply go into your Profile, click the "gear" image at top right of the Profile page, and then select View Badges!

1. The AFP Leaderboard Challenge!

It's BAAAAACK!!! Yes, once again we will have The AFP Leaderboard Challenge during conference! This is a simple points accumulation game using the features of the app. The more you use it and do things such as posting to the live feed, checking into sessions, adding photos to the stream, commenting on other attendees' posts and check-ins, etc., the more points you earn. Be sure to check the "App Points Leaders" link to see the standings. You can also check out the live GameDay feed that will be up at the AFPeeps Nest to see what's happening and who's in the lead! At the end of the conference, the top 15 points-getters will be entered into a drawing for prizes, including an iPad Mini!

Please Note: The AFP Leaderboard Challenge will officially begin at 8 am Friday (March 18) and conclude at 5:00 pm Tuesday (March 22)! What doe that mean? Simply that while you may (and are encouraged to!) participate and post pictures and comments on the app leading up to (and after) that timeframe, there will be no points awarded for these actions (only an initial 5 points for setting up your app profile). The points system will be turned on at the exact "start" of the pre-conference workshops at 8 am Friday March 18, and be turned off at the end of the official education sessions at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, March 22. This is to give everyone a fighting chance to be in the top 15!

"BUT WAIT ... WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEE?! I actually have responsibilities at conference other than playing on the app all day, you know .... sheesh!" First - seriously? Get your priorities straight! OK, we hear you! And we know when some of you do join in and post to the Live Activity Feed or comment, people listen (eat your heart out, E.F. Hutton) and you really enhance the experience for all! So in addition to the top 15 points-getters, the AFPeeps and AFP staff will also be selecting an additional 5 app users at the end of conference to enter into the drawing based solely on the quality of their postings and engagement with the app community. Points smoints - if you're good, you're good, and we'll notice! Power to the (more) Peep-le! We'll also be increasing the prize count to 20, so everyone in the drawing will wind up with something! Again, we will announce the top 15 points-getters and the 5 Power Peeps once conference closes in the weekly AFP eWire, with the drawing soon after. Winners will be notified and announced in a following AFP eWire and on social media.

Best of luck, all!

2. #selfiewithACFRE Contest!

At the Boston conference, we're launching a special contest via social media and the AFP conference app to help raise awareness for that exotic species: The ACFRE! Here's a good opportunity to meet these fine folks and talk with them about their credentials, the process - whatever you ever wanted to ask about the exotic world of ACFRE!

Here's how it works:

- ACFRE attendees will be walking around wearing their ACFRE medallion - you can't miss them!
- Spot one in the wild, go on up, and ask to take a "selfie" pic with them.
- Post the pic to the AFP 2016 app or Twitter and make sure you tag it with the hashtag: #selfiewithACFRE
- Each posted picture counts as one entry. If the ACFRE is wearing his or her medallion in the photo, you get a bonus entry!
- ACFREs are not eligible to win - sorry!
- Winners will be randomly drawn for prizes at the end of conference!

And those prizes are:

First Prize:
Free Registration for the 2017 AFP International Fundraising Conference April 30 – May 2 in San Francisco CA.
Prize is courtesy of the Association of Fundraising Professionals

Second Prize:
Do-it-yourself New England Clam Bake for Four
Enjoy a New England dining experience at home, delivered to your door by Turner's Seafood of Boston's North Shore.   
Two quarts of Clam Chowder with Westminster Oyster Crackers
Live Lobsters (four 1.5 lb. lobsters)
New England Mussels (4 pounds)
Chorizo Sausage (1 pound)
Fresh Spice Pack
Lobster Crackers and Bibs
Turner's Dock-to-Door Catalog, complete with Joe Turner's easy instructions for preparing an authentic New England clambake.

And additional prizes may be available!

Prize courtesy of Mary Doorley and the ACFRE Board.

Very exciting - go get yourself a #selfiewithACFRE and a chance to win!

3. Fun Badges Announced for AFP 2016!

Things just got a little crazy up in the AFP conference app - 8 fun Boston-centric badges have just been created for you to earn and unlock! What do they look like? You're gonna have make some effort to see them! Check 'em out below, and plan your #afpfc experience accordingly! “Cheers!” ;-)

And pay attention to your Live Activity feed - there will be a surprise Sponsor Scavenger Hunt announced during the conference to earn even more special badges!

1. The Frasier
Lets’ see - a sophisticated head case (ok, psychiatrist) who spent his time downing cocktails at Cheers … who else could embody such a mix of inebriated knowledge/kookiness but the AFPeeps! Make Frasier raise his pinkie finger while hoisting a drink in your honor by checking into 5 (or more!) AFPeep U sessions at the Peeps Nest!

2. The Sam
Before opening up Cheers, Sam Malone was a pitching prospect for the Red Sox. Check in at the AFP Massachusetts Chapter’s “Take Me Out To The Ballpark” event Sunday night at Fenway Park to earn The Sam badge!

3. The Diane
While moonlighting as a cocktail waitress, Diane was first and foremost an uptight geek. If she came to conference, you know she’d be sitting front and center at every session! Check into 15 (or more!) AFP conference education sessions and impress Diane!

4. The Norm
Cheers was where everyone knew your name, and there was no name more yelled in greeting than “Norm” when he strolled in to the bar. Have them yelling out your name as you stroll into (and check into) two (or more!) Community Group receptions Sunday night and earn The Norm badge!

5. The Cliff
Cliff Claven was a man of the people, a public servant who had all the answers and was there to help … just like our fantastic vendors in the AFP Marketplace! Check in at 5 (or more) exhibitors and earn The Cliff!

6. The Carla
What would be the most natural place for a wisecracking exhibitionist like Carla? The Boston Nights After Dark Party, of course! Come flash your Carla badge and cut loose with our favorite waitress!

7. The Woody
Woody, like his namesake Woody Harrelson, always seemed a little “special” with his dazed reactions and comments. Be “special” too - checked into two (or more!) of our special events to earn The Woody!

8. The Coach
The senior (and somewhat senile) leader behind the Cheers bar, Coach was and looked up to by all - just like our AFP General Session speakers! Check into a General Session to earn The Coach badge!

In addition to the Fun Badges noted above, you can also unlock the following "activity" badges on your phone each time you take basic actions on the app, such as setting up your profile, checking into events and sessions, and posting pictures. The more you do, the more badges you collect!

Check-Ins (Live Activity Feed Posts)
Newbie (1 check-in)
Rookie (3 check-ins)
Explorer (5 check-ins)
Local (10 check-ins)
Wanderer (20 check-ins)
Searcher (30 check-ins)
Scout (40 check-ins)
Voyager (50 check-ins)

Polaroid (1 photo)
Photo Buff (3 photos)
Photographer (5 photos)
Photojournalist (10 photos)
Shutterbug (15 photos)
Paparazzi (20 photos)
Photolog (30 photos)
History Maker (40 photos)
Director (50 photos)

* Requires Internet connectivity

Enjoy the AFP 2016 App and Have a Great Conference Experience!

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