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2013 Award for Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser: Anita Law

Nominated by the Tapestry Foundation for Health Care and the AFP Vancouver Chapter

Anita Law 2013 awardsSince 1987, Anita Law has been one of the most passionate and ardent supporters of philanthropy in British Columbia, not only supporting causes financially but also providing fundraising, leadership, stewardship and inspiration to the charities she champions. Over the past decade, she has focused her support on healthcare-related organizations, as she believes “there is no greater gift than the gift of life.”

One of the chief recipients of Law’s generosity is the Tapestry Foundation for Health Care in Vancouver, B.C. Over the past four years, she has served as vice chair and co-chair of the foundation’s annual signature gala, Feast of Fortune, which raises funds to purchase vital medical equipment for Mount Saint Joseph Hospital. She spends more than half of each year—devoting up to 120 hours per month—helping lead preparations for the gala: personally asking for and acquiring donations, sponsorships, advertising support and auction items, as well as selling tickets, chairing meetings and working with foundation staff and supporters. Since her involvement, the gala and its fundraising committee have generated more than $1 million, which has resulted in the purchase of major medical equipment for the hospital. Law herself has given $80,000 to the foundation as well.

Law has also been instrumental in the fundraising work of St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation through its annual Gift of Hope Fundraising Dinner. First joining the dinner’s fundraising committee in 2005, she has helped grow participation in the event from 280 that year to 800 in her final year of leadership in 2008. Part of her work included personally initiating a fundraising campaign with T&T Supermarket chain by inviting customers to donate while T&T provided matching funds. She also organized a Mah-Jong competition, a Mother’s Day Diamond Draw event, and a Dim Sum Luncheon with Vancouver Chief of Police Jim Chu. Over the four years of her involvement with the gala, she helped raise more than $2 million and gave nearly a quarter of a million dollars of her own funds.

Law has and continues to support a wide variety of other charities as well. She donates seafood on a monthly basis through her business, Blundell Seafoods, to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Senior Homes, and has given almost $50,000 to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, in addition to many years of service on its For Children We Care Fundraising Dinner Committee. For many years, she championed St. George’s School, supporting different fundraising efforts and generating more than $100,000, including a $10,000 scholarship fund she set up to benefit top students.

For decades, Law has exhibited the best qualities of a volunteer: extraordinary generosity, commitment to the cause, an understanding of people and their motivation and a willingness to do whatever needs to be done to support a cause. AFP is pleased to present the 2013 Award for Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser to Anita Law.

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